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Heads up for Fanfic Writers

Tbh it annoys me how exo stans or any other kpop stans can never get Mandarin or Chinese culture right. Korean and Chinese culture are completely different. Here’s a few things in Chinese culture from Southern China at least:
-We don’t bow. Not all Asians bow when they greet each other.
-We use our full names. For example we would say Wu Yi Fan not Yi Fan.
-We usually use nicknames if not our full names. Example Lu Han’s nickname is Little Deer, but when they don’t call him that it’s just Lu Han. Not Han, not Xi Lu Han (his surname is Lu for those of you who don’t know), but Lu Han.
-We don’t call people in restaurants “auntie” or “uncle” or “grandma” or “grandpa” we call them over like we do in America by saying “Miss” or “Excuse me” or “Sir”
-You don’t call the person you’re dating or friends with “ge ge” or “jie jie” or “di di” or “mei mei” we just call them by their full names or nicknames. (In Cantonese it’d be Guo Guo, Jie Jie, Dai Dai, and Moi Moi)
-There’s usually a family name in your name part. An example would be if there are two siblings, Zhang Xia Long and Zhang Xia Jia and their father’s name is Zhang Xia Bo. The family name is Xia in this case.
- You’re grandparents on your mom’s side and dad’s side have different names. On your mom’s side your grandma would be “Ah Po” (Cantonese), “Wai Po” (Mandarin), or “Po Po” and your grandfather would be the same except instead of “Po” it’s “Gong.” On your father’s side grandpa would be “Ye Ye” or “Ah Ye” for both Cantonese and Mandarin and for grandma it would be, “Nai Nai” in Mandarin and “Ma Ma” in Cantonese.
-We say “Mommy” instead of “Ma Ma” for our moms. We’d only say “Ma Ma” if we were talking to someone that we don’t know too well.
-Chinese people preferably date Chinese people. (And I’m talking about the people who live in China)
-We don’t care about age when it comes to friends unlike in Korea.
-We don’t address people as “Senior” or “Junior”
-You don’t call people born in the same year as you “Ge Ge,” “Jie Jie,” “Di Di,” or “Mei Mei”
- Only Sundays are off from school
- They get 2-3 weeks off for Chinese New Year’s
-The summer vacation is from mid July to late August